• Here is how epoxy flooring can benefit you:

    • The floors will be resistant to mold, fungus and odor.
    • The floors will protect against bacteria and other nasty microbes.
    • You will be able to sweep and mop the floors easily.
    • If your car leaks oil it can be mopped up while not staining the floor.
    • It is water proof so the floor will not weather.
    • There are no places for insects to hide because it’s a seamless and flat floor.
    • The floors will be tough so if you drop anything the floor will be protected.
    • Aesthetically the floors look fantastic and can be customized with different looks.
  • Transform Your Garage, Patio, Room, or Office!

    At Quality Epoxy Flooring in Indianapolis, we strive to deliver compelling quality epoxy coatings including preparation, crack repair, proper installation and protective finishes at reasonable cost. Whether you are restoring an old, stained, porous and unsightly floor, or protecting and customizing a brand new one, Epoxy Flooring can turn you garage, patio or office into a clean and beautiful area to spend your time.

    Thinking about selling your home? Most people overlook the garage; Did you know the garage has become a major selling point for people when buying a new home. Your car is the 2nd most expensive purchase you will buy so more and more people require a nice place to store it and work on it. 

    Installing epoxy flooring will instantly draw people’s eyes to the floor, make you the envy of your neighbors and really give you an enjoyable place to spend your time.